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5R103 was at the Monterey Historics in 2003 and just like 1966 it was driven by Walt Hane.
Left to right
Randy Blessing: Owner of the car. Paid bills through '65 then loaned Walt the car. He had to return it to him in new condition at end of the '66 season.
Art Haer Jr: Assistant to Webster. He was in canned food dispenser business. He furnished the canned food that we cooked by raising engine cover on the Econoline and putting then on exhaust manifold of our super powerful 240cid 6 cyl engine.
Walt Hane: No hair even then.
Wee Chip Hane.
Webster Benner: The magician. Every time he touched the car it went faster.

The inscription on the photos says: “Here’s to many more successful races together. Sincerely, Carroll Shelby”.